CU Generation


The Hottest Dance Group at Columbia University

Columbia University (CU) Generation is a hip-hop dance group inspired by Korean pop music (K-Pop), which has earned a global fan base in recent years thanks to its nonsensically catchy songs and incredibly beautiful idol groups. CU Generation brings K-Pop to Morningside by taking choreography straight from Seoul’s hottest singles and adding its own Columbia swag to them. Known across campus as that dance crew with ladies who manage to “do werk” in six-inch stilettos and guys whose hips have taken them far both on stage and in their romantic lives, CU Generation continues providing the student body with a mind-blowing cultural experience and (at times) provocative but (always) pleasurable entertainment.


Kill it on stage

Hear the applause before, during, and after each performance

The Team


Each individual team member can turn you on in a heartbeat. Those slender legs and sexy faces on both the guys and the girls make a irresistable combination.

Take a look at our hot current team members and alumni.


Come see our performances


CU Generation has performed at a variety of shows and events both on campus and off campus.

These include CSC's annual Lunar Gala, KSA Culture Show, ECAASU Conference, and more.


Interested in joining the family?